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I myself have been cooking in Dutch ovens for over twenty years as a Scoutmaster. I am a huge Dutch oven fan taking great pleasure in presenting a well prepared meal to family and friends from a cast iron oven. It is my hope and purpose to spread the word on Dutch ovens, their use and a bit of community spirit of like minded folks.

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On occasion I have had the opportunity to conduct Dutch oven cooking classes in my community and for various groups. I have enjoyed interacting with the participants and observing their discovery of cooking with Dutch ovens.

It is always surprising to me that many people don’t realize how cooking used to be done and still can be done today with Dutch ovens. Many folks can tell stories of watching their grandparents cook with cast iron and some even admit they may have a cast iron skillet at home!

During the class we take time to talk about the history of Dutch ovens, the care and cleaning of them and most important how to NOT burn your biscuits.

We are located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and if your group, Scout unit, church or any group would like a class just get in touch with us and we see what we can work out.

See you around the fire pit!

Papa Mike

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 04:11

Greetings Dutch oven Fans,

The recipes you see posted here are tried and true from my own experiences and those of my close friends and associates. Give these a try and let me know how they came out for you and if you made any changes to suit your tastes more so than mine.

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