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Dutch Oven History

Dutch oven History

What we now call Dutch ovens originated in the Netherlands in the late 1600’s and or early 1700’s.

They were produced in England in 1708 by Abraham Darby and were soon transported to the American colonies where they were soon adopted. The colonists soon transformed the cast iron pots into the form we now call camp Dutch ovens with three legs to hold the oven above the coals and a flanged lid to keep the coals in place on the lid.

Dutch ovens and cast iron cooking vessels have been travelled all over the world in one shape or another by explorers and settlers. In our country Lewis and Clark carried Dutch ovens as the main part of their kitchen in 1804-1806. Pioneers and mountain men depended on Dutch ovens to help them settle the west in the 1800’s.

Dutch ovens played such an important role in settling this country and early economic development the States of Arkansas, Utah and Texas have designated them to be the official cooking pot of their great states.

Dutch ovens are used the world over but not everyone calls them “Dutch ovens”. The French call them Cocottes; to the English they are casserole dishes. The folks in the Balkans refer to them as Sac and the Australians call them a Bedourie oven. Our Far East friends in Japan call theirs a Tetsunabe.

Wherever they are used and whatever shape or size Dutch ovens are made the same way. Molten iron is poured into a sand cast crafted to the desired size and shape, with or without legs. Dutch ovens are designed for both outdoor and indoor cooking and come in different styles, shapes, forms, sizes and finishes. Most are left in the traditional form but many are coated with enamel and are very attractive and easy to use.

In whatever shape or style most American homes and families have a history of using Dutch ovens or cast iron and are currently using them as well today.

It is my hope that by way of this website we can offer you and your family the opportunity to make cast iron cookware part of your family’s current lifestyle and your legacy.

See you around the fire pit!

Papa Mike

Papa Mike

I myself have been cooking in Dutch ovens for over twenty years as a Scoutmaster. I am a huge Dutch oven fan taking great pleasure in presenting a well prepared meal to family and friends from a cast iron oven. It is my hope and purpose to spread the word on Dutch ovens, their use and a bit of community spirit of like minded folks.

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