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On occasion I have had the opportunity to conduct Dutch oven cooking classes in my community and for various groups. I have enjoyed interacting with the participants and observing their discovery of cooking with Dutch ovens.

It is always surprising to me that many people don’t realize how cooking used to be done and still can be done today with Dutch ovens. Many folks can tell stories of watching their grandparents cook with cast iron and some even admit they may have a cast iron skillet at home!

During the class we take time to talk about the history of Dutch ovens, the care and cleaning of them and most important how to NOT burn your biscuits.

We are located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and if your group, Scout unit, church or any group would like a class just get in touch with us and we see what we can work out.

See you around the fire pit!

Papa Mike

I am excited that you are visiting my web page. I hope you find everything you need to get started on Dutch oven trail or if you are looking for that new cast iron oven or accessory to add to your set.

I myself have been cooking in Dutch ovens for over twenty years as a Scoutmaster. I am a huge Dutch oven fan taking great pleasure in presenting a well prepared meal to family and friends from a cast iron oven. It is my hope and purpose of this site to spread the word on Dutch ovens, their use and a bit of community spirit of like minded folks.

Here in Deep South Texas we have an appreciation for Dutch ovens. Our cast iron friends are part of our collective heritage inherited from the days of pioneer settlements, cattle drives and a diverse cultural mix of Anglo and Spanish cultures. You may not be aware but the fact is that Dutch ovens are the official cooking implement of Texas. I guess you could say that Texas wouldn’t be Texas without Dutch ovens

I have enjoyed cooking in Dutch ovens on campouts, family gatherings, DOGs (Dutch Oven Gatherings), a few cook offs. I am always learning and looking for new ways to use Dutch ovens and explore new recipes. I have a recipe section included on this page for your use and I would love to hear back on how your dish came out.

One of the best parts of Dutch oven cooking is the fact you meet some great people who share your enjoyment and challenge of producing a great meal from our cast iron friends. I hope you feel the same way and can help spread the word on Dutch ovens by your own use and enjoyment. There is no better way to make a new friend or welcome an old friend than by sharing a meal together. Just remember its always better coming from a Dutch oven!

Good luck with your Dutch oven adventures and stay in touch and let me know how I can better serve your needs.


Papa Mike

dutch-oven-towerWelcome to the wonderful world of Dutch oven cooking. For those of you who are experienced with black pot cooking I hope you find this page informative and enjoyable. For the beginner my hope is that this short article will help you on your way to enjoy the world of Dutch ovens. Once you have a bit of experience I am sure we can all agree that there is nothing you can’t cook in the campsite or your backyard that you can cook at home.

The Dutch oven is a complete kitchen on its own. The Dutch oven can be used with wood fires, charcoal and propane stoves. The heat source is not as important as how much you use for what you are cooking. The placement of the heat is also vitally important as to what type of dish you are preparing. For frying or stewing you need all or most of the heat on the bottom and for baking the majority of the heat is on the top.

Question may be is how much heat do I need? Most Dutch oven recipes call for 350* . One easy way is to use a 3-2 method. This is based on the size of the oven for example when using a 12" oven add 3 to the diamater for the amount of coals on top and subtract 2 from the diamater for coals on the bottom. This totals to 25 coals to reach 350* on 12" Dutch oven . Should you need more or less heat than 350* then add or reduce your charcoal based on 15* per briquette.

Please refer to the chart below for more information on temperature and number of briquettes per size of your oven.

Greetings Dutch Oven Fans,

The recipes you see posted here are tried and true from my own experiences and those of my close friends and associates.

Give these a try and let me know how they came out for you and if you made any changes to suit your tastes more so than mine.

I will be posting a recipe of the month. I would really like to hear from y’all on your favorite recipe and see a picture of how it turned out.

For those of you new to Dutch oven cooking the main thing to remember is that all recipes can be adapted to Dutch ovens. Just keep an eye on your placement of your heat source; charcoal, wood or propane.

Go ahead and give it a go and most of all, enjoy your meal with family and friends!

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